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Professor of Agricultural & Resource Economics in the UWA School of Agriculture and Environment

Director, Centre for Environmental Economics and Policy

University of Western Australia

[email protected]   Mail: MO89, UWA, Perth WA 6009, Australia

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Lists of publications (with links to copies on the web where available)

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Environment, Natural Resource Management

Farming Systems Economics

Weed economics, herbicide resistance

Agricultural extension/adoption of innovations

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Recent papers

Van Grieken, M., Webster, A., Whitten, S., Poggio, M., Roebeling, P., Bohnet, I. and Pannell, D. (2019). Adoption of agricultural management for Great Barrier Reef water quality improvement in heterogeneous farming communities, Agricultural Systems 170, 1-8. Journal web site

Legge, S., Woinarski, J.C.Z., Burbidge, A.A., Palmer, R., Ringma, J., Radford, J.Q., Mitchell, N., Bode, M., Wintle, B., Baseler, M., Bentley, J., Copley, P., Dexter, N., Dickman, C.R., Gillespie, G.R., Hill, B., Johnson, C.N., Latch, P., Letnic, M., Manning, A., McCreless, E.E., Menkhorst, P., Morris, K., Moseby, K., Page, M., Pannell, D. Tuft, K. (2018). Havens for threatened Australian mammals: the contributions of fenced areas and offshore islands to the protection of mammal species susceptible to introduced predators, Wildlife Research (forthcoming). Journal web site

Zimmerhackel, J.S., Rogers, A.A., Meekan, M.G., Ali, K., Pannell, D.J. and Kragt, M.E. (2018). How shark conservation in the Maldives affects demand for dive tourism, Tourism Management 69, 263-271. Journal web site

Pannell, D.J., Alston, J.M., Jeffrey, S., Buckley, Y.M., Vesk, P., Rhode, J.R., McDonald-Madden, E., Nally, S., Gouche, G. and Thamo, T. (2018). Policy-oriented environmental research: What is it worth? Environmental Science and Policy 86, 64-71. Journal web site

Weersink, A., Fraser, E., Pannell, D., Duncan, E. and Rotz, S. (2018). Opportunities and challenges for big data in agricultural and environmental analysis, Annual Review of Resource Economics 10, (forthcoming). Journal web site

Kuehne, G., Llewellyn, R., Pannell, D.J., Wilkinson, R., Dolling, P., Ouzman, J. and Ewing, M. (2017). Predicting farmer uptake of new agricultural practices: a tool for research, extension and policy, Agricultural Systems 156, 115-125. Journal web site This paper is Open Access (free for anyone to download). Also see to obtain a copy of the prediction tool described in the paper.

Huveneers, C., Meekan, M.G., Apps, K., Ferreira, L.C., Pannell, D. and Vianna, G.M.S. (2017). The economic value of shark-diving tourism in Australia, Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries (forthcoming), DOI: 10.1007/s11160-017-9486-x Journal web site

Tschakert, P., Barnett, J., Ellis, N., Lawrence, C., Tuana, N., New, M., Elrick-Barr, C., Pandit, R. and Pannell. D. (2017). Climate change and loss, as if people mattered: values, places, and experiences, WIREs Climate Change (forthcoming). Journal web site

Pannell, D.J. (2017). Economic perspectives on nitrogen in farming systems: managing trade-offs between production, risk and the environment, Soil Research 55, 473-478. Journal web site

Davis, K., Kragt, M., Burton, M., Schilizzi, S., Gelcich, S. and Pannell, D.J. (2017). Why are fishers not enforcing their marine user rights? Environmental and Resource Economics (forthcoming). Journal web site

Thamo, T., Pannell, D., Kragt, M., Robertson, M. and M., Polyakov. (2017). Dynamics and the Economics of Carbon Sequestration: Common Oversights and their Implications, Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change (forthcoming). Journal web site

Gibson, F.L., Rogers, A.A., Smith, A.D.M., Roberts, A., Possingham, H., McCarthy, M. and Pannell, D.J., (2017). Factors influencing the use of decision support tools in the development and design of conservation policy, Environmental Science and Policy 70, 1-8. Journal web site

Thamo, T., Addai, D., Pannell, D.J., Robertson, M.J., Thomas, D.T. and Young, J.M. (2017). Climate change impacts and farm-level adaptation: economic analysis of a mixed cropping-livestock system, Agricultural Systems 150, 99-108. Journal web site

Polyakov, M., Fogarty, J., Zhang, F., Pandit, R. and Pannell, D. (2017). The value of restoring urban drains to living streams, Water Resources and Economics (forthcoming). Journal web site

Chalak, M., Polyakov, M. and Pannell, D. (2017). Economics of controlling invasive species: a stochastic optimization model for a spatial-dynamic process, American Journal of Agricultural Economics 99 (1): 123-139. Journal web site


More papers







Changing Land Management:
Adoption of New Practices by Rural Landholders
Editors: David Pannell and Frank Vanclay
2011, CSIRO Publishing

Economics and the Future:
Time and Discounting in Private and Public Decision Making
Editors: David Pannell and Steven Schilizzi
2006, Edward Elgar



Popular papers



Pannell, D.J. (2008). Public benefits, private benefits, and policy intervention for land-use change for environmental benefits, Land Economics 84(2): 225-240.  Full paper (140K)

Award for "Quality of Research Discovery" from Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society. Most cited paper in that journal since 2006.


Pannell, D.J., Hailu, G. Weersink, A., and Burt, A. (2008). More reasons why farmers have so little interest in futures markets, Agricultural Economics 39(1): 41-50., pre-publication version available here (132K pdf file).

Award for "Quality of Research Communication" from Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society.


Pannell, D.J. (2006). Flat-earth economics: The far-reaching consequences of flat payoff functions in economic decision making, Review of Agricultural Economics 28(4), 553-566. Final published paper at journal web site here. Prepublication version here (44K). Powerpoint file (315K)

A personal favourite.


Pannell, D.J. (2002). Prose, psychopaths and persistence: Personal perspectives on publishing, Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics, 50(2): 101-116. Pre-publication version here (66K). Final published paper at journal web site here.

Encouraging words for early-career researchers.


Pannell, D.J. (1997). Sensitivity analysis of normative economic models: Theoretical framework and practical strategies. Agricultural Economics 16: 139-152. Full paper (100K)

Most downloaded paper from my site, by far: 46,000 downloads during 2018.


Pannell, D.J., Marshall, G.R., Barr, N., Curtis, A., Vanclay, F. and Wilkinson, R. (2006). Understanding and promoting adoption of conservation practices by rural landholders. Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture 46(11): 1407-1424. Access paper at Journal web site here. Pre-publication version available here (161K).


Most cited and most downloaded paper from that journal. My most cited paper.




Article in The Conversation: Federal Budget 2015 – environment experts react 13 May 2015

Article in The Conversation: Litany of deep cuts for environmental programs 14 May 2014


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