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Advice for postgraduate research students

General tips, MS Word, writing, thesis preparation, literature reviews

Advice on handling the publication process "Prose, psychopaths and persistence" (66K)

Reviewing journal articles

PowerPoint tips

Answering questions after presenting a seminar

Doing sensitivity analysis with computer models

A web site with some good advice about technical writing

A web site on writing a literature review

Punctuation made simple This is a great little site that deals with most of the punctuation issues that cause trouble:
Colon | Semicolon | Comma | Apostrophe
The Economist covers the hyphen extensively here.  And I explain it myself here.
I cover the use of the word "however" here.

Help with English: EnglishHelpHere.com

Post-graduate students supervised


Vandana Subroy

Brian Browne

Johanna Zimmerhackel

Oscar Montes

Andrew Kennedy

Murni Greenhill

Ken Wallace

Vuong Hue

Martijn van Grieken

Roslyn Wood (on maternity leave)

Alison Wilson (on maternity leave)


Completed students

Tas Thamo 2017

Katrina Davis 2016

Veronique Florec 2016

Jane McDonald. (enrolled at Uni of Queensland) 2015

Christine Kershaw 2014

James Skurray 2014

Donkor Addai 2013

Jessie Beltran 2011

Bronwyn Crowe 2010

Eloise Seymour 2010

Karen Barroga 2009

Tennille Graham 2009

Graeme Doole 2007

Michele John 2005

Marcus Sounness (masters) 2004

Rick Llewellyn 2002

Marta Monjardino 2002

Elizabeth Kington 2001

Amanda Coad 2001

Amir Abadi 2000

Toto Sugiharto 1999

Don Cooper (masters) 1999

Neil Thompson (masters) 1999

Sally Marsh (masters) 1997

Triyono Puspitodjati (masters) 1995



Pannell Discussions (blog)

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Non-work stuff

Natural Decisions Pty Ltd


Golf limericks

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