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SIF3: Salinity Investment Framework III

The SIF3 project worked with governments (national, state and local) and with regional bodies responsible for salinity investments to bridge the gap between state-of-the-art knowledge and action. SIF3 integrates hydrological, biological, economic and social research to help catchment managers understand how best to respond to dryland salinity in different circumstances.

This page is no longer being updated. SIF3 evolved into a more general environmental investment framework, INFFER (Investment Framework for Environmental Resources), which is the current focus of effort by members of the SIF3 team. SIF3 itself is no longer in use, but it was an important step along the road to INFFER.




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What's it all about? (A crash course) Project components

The need for a new approach to salinity investment and policy Two pager (10K)

The SIF3 framework Two pager (59K pdf)

The public-benefit, private-benefit framework Three pager (35K)

SIF3 results for North-Central CMA region in Victoria Two pager (49K pdf)

Applying SIF3 in practice what is involved? Three pager (16K)

Capacity gaps for regional NRM bodies Two pager (272K pdf)

Lessons and implications from the project as a whole Seven pager (61K pdf)

Overview of public-private framework, the decision-tree framework, the pilot in Victoria, and lessons and implications PowerPoint file (1.3 MB)

The SIF3 decision-tree framework Two pager (59K pdf) Full paper (126K pdf) modified (version 42, Sept 2007)

The public-benefit, private-benefit framework: home page

Piloting the frameworks in two NRM regions Various reports

Investigating the capacity needs of regional NRM bodies Various reports

Motivations of lifestyle landholders Full paper (472K pdf)

The next generation framework that goes beyond salinity:

INFFER: home page

Results Bits and pieces

Lessons and implications from the project as a whole Seven pager (61K pdf)

Final report for the Co-operative Venture for Capacity Building (draft) 92 pages (864K pdf)

Recommendations for North Central region Report 1 (126K pdf) Report 2 (96K pdf)

Capacity gaps for regional NRM bodies

Motivations of lifestyle landholders Full paper (472K pdf)

Discussion papers

Full collection of reports and papers here

What's new on here

Project news and activities here

Selected PowerPoint presentations

The SIF3 team members here

SIF1 and SIF2 (Precursors to SIF3) here



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